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Mark’s Solo CDs

The first five CDs available from AWMP
The Study CDs are available for $15 from Outreach Music
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Tracks High Spirits 2
High Spirits 1 Capricious






24-uhl-1_edited-13Uhl – Etudes 1-24 Clarinet
Cavallini – Caprices 1-15 Clarinet Cavallini – Caprices 16-30 Clarinet
26-cav-1_edited-2 27-cav-2_better-colour_edited-1
Bozza 12 Etudes-Caprices Saxophone Parisi 40 Studies Saxophone
28-bozza_edited-1 29-parisi_edited-1
Ferling – Etudes 1-24 Saxophone Ferling – Etudes 25-48 Saxophone
30-ferling-1_edited-1 31-ferling-2_edited-1