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Mark’s CDs and Books

Clarinet Hidden Treasures from England
Double CD released 2014

Cover CD front only small



Mark Walton & David Miller
Read CASS review of London concert

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– available from Outreach Music or AWMP
The Study CDs are available for $15 from Outreach Music


Tracks High Spirits 2
High Spirits 1 Capricious






24-uhl-1_edited-13Uhl – Etudes 1-24 Clarinet
Cavallini – Caprices 1-15 Clarinet Cavallini – Caprices 16-30 Clarinet
26-cav-1_edited-2 27-cav-2_better-colour_edited-1
Bozza 12 Etudes-Caprices Saxophone Parisi 40 Studies Saxophone
28-bozza_edited-1 29-parisi_edited-1
Ferling – Etudes 1-24 Saxophone Ferling – Etudes 25-48 Saxophone
30-ferling-1_edited-1 31-ferling-2_edited-1


eBook versions available here of Mark’s 3 books:
Notes of Discovery, Teacher Talk and How Did That Happen?

How Did That Happen? also available as hard copy
Mark tells the story of his musical journey –
unorthodox, inspirational, sometimes sad but very funny
Notes of Discovery also available as hard copy

All proceeds from the sale of these books go to the
Christchurch School of Music Support Trust.
Contact Jo Walton to order