How your school can stage a performance

Mark has written four children’s musical extravaganzas which Mark wrote to excite children about playing instruments and singing.

Mark set out to write the ultimate in flexible Musicals that could be performed as a lavish full blown production or by a small isolated country primary school using just the backing CD to sing along with.

Leonard and the Lottery TicketThe Power of Music and Benny the Beagle are available in different forms and can be performed with one or two narrators. The narrator’s story is interwoven with a choir. No scenery is needed.

Alternatively “The Power of Music” can be done with a full acting cast, costumes and sets but does not require any solo singing.

“Bobby the Musical” is a traditional musical with a small cast of solo singers and a choir. The sets can be very basic as the story is set in a school.

For schools and community groups wanting to put on any of Mark’s musicals the following materials are available.

Script, Concert Band Scoring with Choir
Script, Symphony Orchestra with Choir
Script, Woodwind Ensemble with Choir
Easy band parts available for elementary players

Rehearsal CDs are available for all four shows. Logos and artwork are also part of the package.

Contact Mark for information on the hire costs or if you have any questions about production possibilities.